How the Ritz-Carlton Inspired the Apple Store

 by Carmine Gallo

carmine-gallo-bioHere’s a great article by Carmine Gallo, published at It illustrates how important it is to examine great companies outside your industry for game-changing ideas. It also captures, though a few short stories, the famous Ritz Carlton value of anticipating unexpressed needs.

One of the questions Apple Store hiring managers ask themselves while sizing up a potential job candidate is, “Can the individual offer Ritz-Carlton level service with the right training?” The Ritz-Carlton is the gold standard of customer service so it would make sense that the Apple Retail Store would benchmark itself against a brand known for its legendary service. Any business could do worse than to copy The Ritz-Carlton. As I was doing the research for The Apple Experience, I learned that the Apple Store adopted several techniques directly from the luxury hotel chain. Here are five ways the Apple Store builds customer loyalty The Ritz-Carlton way.

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